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NFT Art Gallery

Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit
Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit
Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit

* Blockchain Economy World Expo. NFT Art Gallery. 14-15 November 2021.

Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit

We offer talented NFT artists an opportunity to present their digital Art in front of 3,000 crypto enthusiasts from 65 countries. Not a small number of NFT events have been taking place since the outbreak of this technology. But here is our difference: none of the previous NFT events had this big and global audience for you to present your Artwork.

If you are an NFT Artist:

-Looking for a bigger audience
-Looking to have in-person meetings with NFT marketplace representatives
-Aiming to create a meaningful network with other NFT artists
-Or just wanting to sell your Artwork

You should definitely join us.
Only 40 lucky NFT Artists will get this chance.

Two-day price for one digital screen(55") rental is 800 USD. You are allowed to display 3 NFT artworks on one screen.

Present My Art

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